Been looking for an answer to setting up a self-hosted directory on your site?

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Directory Magician

For just $9 – yes, a one time payment!

Directory Magician

So you’re ready to create a directory / host a summit / bundle…


You’ve been pulling your hair out, worried and anxious about setting up multiple individual profiles (or would it be pages?) on your site, and don’t want to spend 100 hours setting it all up only to find you had a typo on every piece you just duplicated…

It’s just NOT worth it, is it?

Which is where becoming a “Directory Magician” comes in!

I’m here to show you how to set up the tech side of creating a directory in an easy-no hassle kind of way in this simple & quick watch-over-my-shoulder style tech training.

set up your automated hub live on your site

Here’s what you’ll learn in…

Directory Magician

→ Creating directory profiles through a form builder (I’m using Tally for this training).

→ How to create & set up what will be your directory in a Notion database.

Magically make it show up on your site.

Completely automate the time-consuming task of manually adding new additions to your directory

My favourite tips to style your directory so that it looks nice & seamless on your site.

Here’s what’s included :

  • A pre-recorded training to be delivered on 16th June 2023
  • Bite-sized lessons with detailed written notes & closed captions
  • Notion Dashboard sample template so you can get started quicker.
  • Invite to my private client/student-only heartbeat community, The Beach Crib.

Yes, it’s a one time payment of just $9! ✨

Hey, I’m Cherry!

I’m a photographer-turned multi-offer online business owner and have been running multiple businesses since 2013.

I created my values-first Work Life Beach Directory and Community mid-2022 and realised that this is something other business owners wanted help learning how to create too, so here we are!

When I’m not helping clients with website designs or working on my membership, you’ll find me spending time with my dogs, chilling with a book, or baking.

I’ve got the A’s to your Q’s right here…

How long is the training, and how long will it take me to create my own directory?

The training is about 45 minutes long, chopped up into cute, bite-sized videos so you can consume them easily. You could watch the training and create your directory alongside the step-by-step tech videos at the same time if you like!

Can I use different apps to what you teach for this?

→ Sure! I don’t see why not. Although the Directory Magician training shows you the basics of how to set all of this up in Notion & Tally, once you’ve done the theory, you will be able to apply it to most form builders and database apps that integrate out there.

Will I need to invest in any other paid apps for this to work?

Nope. All the turorials I show you using Notion and Tally are on their free plans, I’ve not found a need to upgrade yet! If you’re already using Airtable or another form builder that needs to integrate using zapier, you may need to upgrade your plan. 

What if I don’t learn anything new?

I’m happy to refund you within 7 days if you don’t find the training useful, please email me and let me know. If you request a refund I’ll ask you for feedback on how the training didn’t meet your expectations so I can improve my marketing & messaging in future.

let’s make you a

Directory Magician

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You have Successfully Subscribed!