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…You’ve been dreaming of taking a sabbatical from Instagram.

…You feel like you want to only post occasional seasonal content and change up your instagram feed every once in a while.

…Or, you’re just completely done with posting to Instagram for the moment and are worried about leaving your audience hanging…

This bundle of Instagram 9-Grid Canva templates is perfect for you!

Your evergreen Instagram in 3 steps!

Step one

Open in Canva and edit the template you want to use.

Step two

Chop / slice / splice the grid into a 3×3 grid via a site like this.

Step three

Upload your new strategic evergreen grid posts to Instagram!


the grids

The Amanda Grid

The Grace Grid
The Connie Grid

The Rachelle Grid

The Zoey Grid

Did you know…?

There are 5 different templates to choose from in the bundle! They come complete with some fun copy prompts for various different types of entrepreneurs & businesses on the Canva templates.

Here’s what’s included:

→  5 unique Canva templates to choose from

→  How-to videos and walkthroughs showing you how to split and how to completely rebrand the templates for your branding.

→  Less time worrying about what to post!

→  An instant evergreen Instagram strategy for you!

→  An invite to my client/students-only community.

The A’s to your Q’s

What is a 9-grid?

A 9-grid is a static grid strategy to be used on your Instagram account to lead your audience toward learning more about the things you want to highlight in your business, or even purchasing from you!

Instagram puzzles have been around since August 2020 on Creative Market and the 9-grid evergreen strategy takes it one step further by using the puzzle style to make your Instagram profile visually pleasing, while ensuring your audience is led through a strategic flow with the visuals, captions, and products you share.

Do I need to have Canva Pro to use these templates?

Nope! I’ve created all of these templates with elements available in the free version of Canva.

How do I split the grid?

There are many free mobile apps that allow you to do this. And there are also some websites that will splice images for you from your desktop. Here’s one. 

What happens when I purchase this grid bundle?

You’ll get sent an email with the links to access and download your templates right away. I also provide some videos showing your how to change out the templates with your own branding, as well as how to split the images. 

I have another Q that's not answered here...

Feel free to reach out to me at or via this form and I’ll get back to you soon! 

This could be your new evergreen profile!

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