Another one of the questions entrepreneurs often ask me is: “How can I
make my stock photos and my regular brand elements… photos, website,
social media… all work together in a cohesive way, and still look unique?”
Read on below for some easy, quick ways to make this possible:

1. Crop the photo

Stock photos are usually high quality and can easily be cut into smaller versions, or made to look unique with a simple crop.

Here’s an example of one of our BBS images cropped below:

Try it yourself by placing the image into canva, creating a square, or rectangle design design, and adding a stock photo to it. Next you just make sure that the stock photo fits over the canva, and move it around to see which crop you like the most.

2. Flip / Rotate the photo

Again, something unique can be created by fipping or rotating the image so that it works in a way that suits your branding, and website. Maybe you’ve got an image that you love and you know is perfect for a particular page on your site, but it doesn’t look right with where you want the text to sit on the page, try flipping or rotating it!

Check out this example on our memberships page where I simply flipped the image so that I could add text on the left.

3. Add text to the photo

Our Beach Babe Stock photos are created with entrepreneurs like you in mind, and I know you love pinning, and creating some quote graphics, so there is usually a fair bit of negative space available on any given image for you to quickly add some text or your logo. See some examples of some pins I’ve created:

And an example social media post:

4. Add colour / overlays to the photo

If you have a graphic that you like to use as a part of your branding, like a paint splatter, or circle or something just add it to your image and “voila”, you’ve got this instantly-your-brand photo.

You can also easily add your brand colour overlay so that the image looks more branded as well.

Here’s an example of a slightly darker colour overlay with some text:

Here’s a fun way to use a colour overlay with stock to create something really unique for your brand:

The same goes for partial overlays, or transparent overlays, here are some examples:

I hope these tips help give you some ideas of what you can do with our Beach Babe Stock photos, and that they get you excited about all the possibilities and designs you can create!

Have you got any other ideas? Let me know in the comments below!


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