Are you tired of spending hours digging through Unsplash looking for one perfect photo?

Save time, make your branding pop and attract your dream clients with our unique, fun lifestyle stock photos for intentional entrepreneurs and online businesses.

Does this sound like you?

…if you thought “hell yeah, I know that feeling” reading any of those, then scroll on down because Beach Babe Stock is for you

We’ve got the perfect lifestyle stock photos for intentional entrepreneurs and online businesses.

Hi, I’m Cherry!


Let me tell you a part of my story —  I used to be a wedding photographer here in Thailand. It was my dream job – my reason to live – my LOVE. I was featured in print magazines and online wedding blogs. It was so fulfilling knowing my clients loved my work!

At some stage, I’d let my business grow to a point that was more than what I could handle on my own. I didn’t outsource early enough. I was scared to invest in my business and didn’t realise it would help me scale in a sustainable way. I only realised my mistake when it was too late, I’d burnt out. 

I’ve made it my mission to help you find more work-life-balance and grow your business, the easy, fast & affordable way.

I created Beach Babe Stock as a way to help other online women entrepreneurs and small business owners save invaluable time and start outsourcing their content creation.

A huge part of running a business today is creating the content you share online. From your email marketing to CRM forms, social media posts to reels covers to your website – let’s face it – you need a high volume of high-quality images and graphics, and you need it yesterday.

I genuinely want to help create more ease & efficiency in your business and life and take some of that overwhelm off your shoulders.

The BBS Membership


The BBS Membership gives you access to a curated collection of beautiful, unique, fun & inspiring, lifestyle stock photos, graphics, animations, Canva templates and more.  

There’s this belief around stock photos… that they are kind of “icky”, it’s either super obvious that they are stock, the photos look generic, or they’re just too damn perfect looking for small businesses like you to use. That’s not what you’ll find in the BBS membership, and it’s why I like to call the BBS photos “anti-stock” photos.

I’ve spent a lot of time coming up with the ideas and concepts behind these images for you. All to ensure that they aren’t too similar to anything else out there, and these lifestyle stock photos are going to be perfect for entrepreneurs and online businesses like yours.

As a member, you can influence the stock photo themes and concepts each month, I’m all ears and ready to create more of what you need!


▹ Desperately trying to choose a filter that’ll make your DIY snaps reflect the glamour of your brand…

▹ Having to go through your self-done flatlays and apparent selfies looking for one photo to post.

▹ Spending an extra 45 minutes looking for 3 photos to go with your post on top of a long day of getting your client work finalised.

▹ A website and feed full of images that are almost *too* perfectly styled and just don’t feel enough like you…


▹ Always having the perfect pic at your fingertips – on brand, ready to grab your clients’ attention.

▹ Having well lit, beautiful, relatable images that reflect the quality of the prices that you’re charging for your services.

▹ Logging on to Beach Babe Stock, searching by colour and picking out 3 of your favourite images, and downloading them within a minute!

▹ Being able to use beautiful, lifestyle stock photos specifically created for female entrepreneurs like you.

Beach Babe Stock is perfect for you if

You’re a brick and mortar business owner, a blogger, social media manager, copywriter, online business manager, course creator, coach, author, or a female entrepreneur


You’re looking for beautiful, fun lifestyle stock photos, and done-for-you graphics that help make your brand stand out against the online crowd while saving you precious hours and money.

It’s time you invest in your business!

What members are saying...

Your photos and membership is the most helpful thing for my business! I’ve just come across your membership and I’m like “yes, this is for me!” Your images really capture the vibe of what I do and my brand, it’s great! Thank you Cherry!


What members are saying...

Beach Babe Stock helped free up our own admin time (almost 1 week / month!!) and increase our Instagram followers! I highly recommend Beach Babe Stock, particularly to small businesses looking to establish a professional online brand & grow their Instagram. If you’re a small business needing that extra time and lacking the professional lifestyle images, sign up for your membership!

Kerry Leung

What members are saying...

I was contemplating a re-brand of my site but I couldn’t find the photos that I kept seeing in my head … until I happened upon Beach Babe Stock.

Cherry’s amazing photos are exactly what I was looking for and I’m super excited to use them on my website, blog, and social media!

Erika Friday

What members are saying...

I was creating my social media management website and needed specific photos. I found them on BBS and they have a great selection too! They definitely made my website look sleek, clean and very professional. Thanks, Cherry!

Angeline Ibarra

Unlimited content, unlimited savings (of your time + money)!

Simple steps to join…


Click “join now” button


Enter your details & pay


Check your email for your new log-in details


Visit the library and start downloading!

Did I mention it’s risk-free?


I stand by the membership and all downloadable contents inside. Which is why the BBS Membership comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

I want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. If you aren’t happy, I would not feel right keeping your money.

Please email within 7 days if you find that BBS is not for you (no content can be downloaded or used) and I’ll be happy to refund your purchase.

Still got questions?

I've seen similar stock photo websites before, what's the difference here?

Well Beach Babe Stock is made up of about 80% lifestyle images. This means images that have a more natural, relatable feeling to them.

Images with people don’t look too posed (we don’t use professional models here, only 100% real people!) or ‘perfect’.  Along the same lines, images without people are less styled and more natural.

I know that you’re sick of seeing perfectly styled flatlay desktop images that look too-perfect-to-be-true… I mean when does your desk actually look like that apart from when you do a tidy-up before you go on holiday for 2 weeks?!

What currency do you charge is & what's the cost in my local currency?

We charge in USD, here are some approximate conversions from our monthly membership of 30 USD: 22 GBP,  40 AUD, 25 EUR, 40 SGD, 37 CAD, 230HKD

I always check this site for the current rates.

What types of images will I find inside the membership?

The main idea I (Cherry) stick to when creating images for our BBS members is that I want them to be able to work for and reflect your business, and lifestyle. Most of our images on BBS have lots of negative space available, so you can use them as header/cover images on your website, create social media and Pinterest graphics, add them to your pdfs, webinar slides, or simply post as is on instagram or facebook.

Themes I regularly include are:
– Workouts (on the beach + outdoors)
– Women working online
– Work life balance (meditation, journaling, relaxing, self care).
– Travel inspired
– Fun/lifestyle

Why can't I just use the stock photos on Canva / Unsplash?

You could, if you like… however you might find that 1) competitors and industry peers are using the same images… 2) the images will have been seen before by your ideal clients… this means that your brand won’t stand out, or feel as unique.

When / how can I cancel my membership?

Of course, I’d love for you to be a member on BBS for a long time! At the same time, I want to make it really easy for you to make the decisions that work for your business. 

You can cancel anytime you like. It’s really easy to cancel right inside your account dashboard.

Do I have to give credit when using BBS images?

If you’ve purchased individual images or a membership through our site, there is no need to provide credit (although it is much appreciated if you do!), I’d love it if you could tag @beachbabestock.

Can I use my membership downloads for my clients?

If you’re a Virtual Assistant / Social Media Manager / Web, or Graphic Designer, or if you offer designs / templates for resale, please read:

Each membership license is only for one business. You can use the images in samples, and in your own work, however, not in templates that you’re reselling or gifting to clients. You’ll need to ask your clients to purchase their own image bundle or membership if they’d like to use the BBS images or graphics as well.

If this is something you’re interested in, I can set you up with an affiliate account so that you can earn a commission though recommendations to your community.

How often are new photos and graphics added to BBS?

Every month! You’ll get an email with each months’ new images delivered to your inbox.

Do you offer a refund?

 Yes! Our BBS Membership comes with a risk-free 100% moneyback guarantee!

If you aren’t happy, I wouldn’t feel right keeping your money. Please email us within 7 days of purchase if you find that BBS is not for you (no content can be downloaded or used) and I’ll be happy to refund your purchase.

Member bonuses!

Each month, alongside our new lifestyle stock photo collections, we add new bonus content for you to download as well.

Some examples of the current bonuses we have are:

220+ done-for-you graphics – value: $57

Animated stop motion video files (like gifs!)- value: $15

Canva post templates – value: $15

The BBS Instagram Makeover Kit – value: $27

Inspirational desktop quotes – value: $9

Instagram carousel templates- value: $15

Productivity tips + guide with 30 apps- value: $27

Desktop organisers – value: $9

Funnel Visualiser Templates – value: $20

Basil & Bark templates – value: $74

TOTAL VALUE: $268 (in bonuses alone!)

Start falling in love with your branding now…

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You have Successfully Subscribed!