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Last Updated on NOV 3, 2023.

This agreement is to clarify how members and customers who purchase our bundles can use our content.

If you have any questions, please reach out via email:


Unless you have obtained extended usage rights for a particular photo or piece of content on this site, each photo you purchase, download via a photo membership, or have opted to receive comes with a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable single-user, commercial license.



Our stock content can be used in any designs you’d like for your business. However, you’re not allowed to gift them to (or use them in designs that you give to) your clients/friends/relatives to use.  Cherree Ward retains the copyright for most of the images on this site unless otherwise mentioned.

If you’d like to recommend our membership to your own clients, customers, friends or relatives, you can sign up for an affiliate link, and you can earn up to 40% for referrals to our site.


Mini members allowance:

  • Up to 35 individual downloads per month.

Full members allowance:

  • Up to 100 individual downloads per month, 3 bundle downloads per quarter, or 12 bundles per year.


In general, you CAN:

  • Use our stock content for your business / commercial purposes in your marketing to help you make sales of your own products, services, or courses.
  • Use in printed goods to market your business.
  • Use in printed goods for personal use (example: printed and framed in your house).
  • Use in printed goods for commercial use on up to 1000 items, as long as it’s been modified from original form (example: a stock image with quote over the top, printed on t-shirts for sale).

    In general, you CANNOT:

    • Download more than the maximum allowance of your membership as mentioned above. Anything above this is considered an excess downloading spree and Beach Babe Stock reserves the right to revoke your membership immediately if this happens.
    • Resell any of our content (stock photos, graphics or templates) as your own or under a brand/business you own, are associated with, or work for.
    • Promote/represent the visual stock as your own. No credit is needed, however please don’t claim to have taken the images yourself.
    • Adjust/crop/edit change our stock content and sell as your own.
    • Use in templates (Canva designs/web page designs, etc.) that you/your business sells.
    • Use in printed goods for resale in it’s original form (example: as a photo print for sale, or a graphics quote for sale).

    If you would like to use our stock content in templates for resale, you’ll need to purchase an extended commercial license.


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