Behind the scenes of WAIM Unlimited…

Quick disclaimer: This page contains my affiliate link to join WAIM. This just means that if you join through my link, I’ll receive a commission, there’s no extra cost to you. And I do have a sweet bonus if you happen to join through my link which I hope you’ll love! More on that below…

If you’re considering joining WAIM, then hopefully this page is going to help you decide one way or another whether this is something for you and your business, or not.


This is not a review post (of course, I love it!!), rather more of a peek behind-the-scenes of how I use Wandering Aimfully (WAIM) Unlimited and everything I learn inside the program to support, grow  & improve my business (AND myself as an imperfect human being)… in the hopes that this will help you decide whether WAIM Unlimited is the right fit for you and your business, too.

First up, some quick fire Q&A’s so that we’re all on the same page…

What is WAIM / WAIM Unlimited?

WAIM is short for Wandering Aimfully, a website and brand run by husband and wife team Jason and Caroline Zook, and WAIM Unlimited is their group coaching program for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Who is it for?
  • Conscious entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for an extra level of support for their business and life.
  • Recovering hustle culture entrepreneurs. We’ve all been there. You might have quit your 9-5 to come and work 12 hour days without weekends… You’re ready for a change. 
  • YOU, if you’ve ever found a business coaching program / course boring. This one isn’t!
  • YOU, if you’re ready for someone who teaches the opposite of hustle culture & jumping on the latest tech trends + strategies.
  • YOU, if you’ve been feeling like something is lacking in your business/life lately… and you’re craving a higher level of support but NOT someone who is going to hold you to a higher standard... aka a place where real humans who make mistakes and are imperfect are welcomed with open arms, warmth, and understanding.

Basically, WAIM does things a bit differently.

If you’re ready to stop blindly following the hustle culture of jumping on the latest business trends, tech, and strategies then you’re in for a treat with WAIM.

What's included?
Currently, almost everything Jason and Caroline have ever created that’s helpful for running a business or work-life-balance, plus when you become a member, you will gain access to all their future creations as well.

If you’re more of a specifics person:

  • ? The Un-Boring Business Roadmap: Jason and Caroline’s in-depth roadmap that pulls all of their experience, coaching sessions, and knowledge into ONE sequential program that an online business owner can jump into. This comes with: 
      • ? A step-by-step system for improving any online business based on our 5-step business checklist (Foundation -> Offer -> Marketing -> Content -> Website)
      • ? 29 two-hour pre-recorded coaching sessions that leave no stone left unturned for every aspect on online business creation
      • ? Interactive workbooks to put each part of the roadmap into specific action, some in the form of editable PDFs and some in the form of Notion templates
      • ? Access to the private Slack community
      • ??‍???‍? 1-on-1 help from us through Slack, email and monthly live session Q&As
      • ?Momentum Mondays accountability with Jason through Slack
  • ? Notion Starter Pack: We’ve created a full system of Notion Templates that help with project management, business organization, content creation, and more! (If you’re not familiar, Notion is a flexible and customizable project management and note-taking software app.)
  • ? Page Layout Library: A library of 10 different website page layouts with copy prompts, including sales pages, home pages, about pages, and marketing bridge landing pages, in order to make spinning up new website pages a breeze.
  • ? Personal Coaching Robot: This microsite hosts 200 audio coaching clips sorted by topic to help business owners overcome the mental, emotional, and practical hurdles we all face on our journeys.
  • ⚙️ Lifetime Teachery Account: This is Jason and Caroline’s online course software platform, which helps someone build and sell courses easily and without any technical knowledge. (Normally $49/month, but a lifetime account is included free with WAIM Unlimited.)
  • ? WAIM Vault and WAIM Custom Dashboard: Over 40+ courses, workshops, walk-throughs, and behind the scenes videos, complete with a powerful search by keyword and accessible from a personalized dashboard

? Anything Jason & Caroline make in the future: At no additional cost!

Who is it NOT for?

– People who don’t want to mix in regular life topics and conversations with business talk. This happens on the regular in WAIM. It’s a group of small business owners, so most people are coming from the perspective of running their businesses themselves, or having a very small team.

– People who don’t like emojis ??‍♀️

– People who take things a little too seriously or find it hard if things go off-topic… there is LOTS of joking about in WAIM, even during the “serious” business coaching calls. ?

– Bro-marketers & hustle-culture lovers. WAIM very much encourages all entrepreneurs to take the slow growth route and prioritise mental & physical health and happiness over any “success chasing” mindset that you may have seen around as an online business owner.

How often does it open?
Usually twice a year, around March and September.
How much is it?

Funnily enough, THIS is the one thing that I somehow missed when I was joining and didn’t realise until the very last minute (and of course, it was the decision-maker for me)…

Investing in WAIM Unlimited (yes, it’s an investment) is a lifetime-payment deal. You’re paying a total of $2000 USD over time  – there are two payment plan options to choose from – HOWEVER, once you’ve paid it off, that’s it! You’re in for life, and you get anything Caroline and Jason create in the future for free as well.

How I use WAIM to support my business and life growth journey…

When I need a mental pick-me-up…

I log into WAIM and go to access their, it’s essentially coaching on-demand, netflix style but in audio version. They’re designed to lift you up or give you a kickstart when you need it!

Each of the audio files are like a mini pep-talk, and they have over 200 audio clips that are easily searchable by “today I need help with…” or “today I’m feeling…”, ready for me to listen to. I’ve used this twice already when I’ve been at low moments and each time, after listening, I’ve felt so much better afterwards!

When I need to learn something new…

I go to the WAIM dashboard & search their vault/library archives… 9 times out of 10, I can find what I’m looking for in WAIM.

When I need help with a specific question about something in my business…

I ask Jason & Caroline in the Slack group, or email. Jason has always been there any time I’ve had a question or needed help with something specific in my business and I’ve never had to wait more than half a day to recieve a reply from him. I’m so grateful to have these two awesome humans as friends and biz coaches! ?

When I want feedback or support on something from multiple online business owners just like me…

I ask in the Slack group in the #shameless_asks channel and loads of members will usually come in and help with whatever I ask. Jason does such a great job of managing the Slack group and he always asks as to give more that we ask, so there’s usually always someone willing to jump in and help a fellow member.

When I am craving a sense of community or to hang out and participate in some business talk, or to meet a new business friend…

I go to the Slack group and engage and say hi. There’s also a WAIM dashboard (inside the members area) that you can search waimers’ profiles for people you have something in common with and get in touch that way too. 

When I’m craving a “hanging out with my biz-besties” type video…

I go into the Slack group and watch the latest (or catch up on all of the latest) “WAIM Weekly” videos, which are vlog-format videos that J&C make each and every week for WAIM members.

Topics usually covered are behind-the-scenes of what happened this week or what their plans are for the next week, lessons learned & life updates. I love watching these videos because I learn a lot from seeing what other people do in business and how they create success and manage failures.

Jason and Caroline are a total open book with their WAIM members and we’re treated like best friends, this is honestly my hand-down favourite part of WAIM. The natural sense of friendship, community and how down-to-earth J&C are as people. 

When I want to get organised…

I’ll watch some of Caroline’s Notion training videos, or I’ll pick a planning coaching call to revisit.


When I’m feeling “stuck” on something in my business and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong…

I’ll set aside time to dive into & revisit the Un-Boring Business Roadmap!

It’s a decision tree flow chart meant to guide you straight to the action step that will have the greatest impact on your business.

Basically you’ll go through a roadmap answering YES/NO to the questions and when you fall on a question where your answer is “no”, you watch the accompanied training video and will lear a ton of things to take action on in your business now to help you move the needle in the right direction.

Other than everything I’ve mentioned above, there are also a few more subtle ways WAIM has helped me grow and improve my self and my business too. For example, I know now, in hindsight… that since I’ve joined WAIM, I’ve been exposed to more conscious businesses and business owners (it’s just the type of business owner that Jason and Caroline naturally attract with their marketing because they talk a lot about ? their values, beliefs and stance on social justice ?) and I’ve learned so much just from being surrounded by these types of business owners who are challenging the norm of online marketing, entrepreneurship, and what it means to run a business with a global audience while standing true to your personal values and being a kind, honest, authentic & often imperfect human being.


The bonus I’m offering to people who join WAIM Unlimited through my affiliate link is…

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