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Written by Gloria Ngila

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August 1, 2022

New Content on Beach Babe Stock-August 2022

I recently wrote about signs that you are due for a rebrand, which inspired the tips I’m about to share below! If you have finally made the big decision towards rebranding, you most likely want to do it like a pro. One of the top questions you may ask yourself is, what makes a good rebrand? If this sounds like you, I’ve got you!

What really makes a rebranding good?

A lot of companies are finding that rebranding is valuable for a wide variety of reasons. These companies tend to rebrand when the brands’ visual identity no longer reflects their values and message. 

Sometimes they’re rebranding their business or brand, and other times both. Regardless, rebranding offers a way to freshen up a company’s visual identity attracting new audiences while making old ones remember you.

However, rebranding is a significant investment for many companies, so it’s vital to do it right. When planning a rebrand, you need to consider what aspects of your company you want to change and how you will communicate these changes to your audience. Let’s briefly discuss what makes a good rebrand.

3 Steps for a good rebrand

            1. Identify your rebrand goals

The first step in rebranding is to identify your goals. Ask yourself why you are rebranding, what you hope to achieve, what brand values you want to present, what image you’d like to portray, and how you want people to think and feel when they hear your company name.

Good rebranding is about meeting these goals through your brand’s visual identity and the messages you communicate. For example, if rebranding your product to appeal to a younger demographic, you might rethink your logo design and brand message.

An excellent way to align your rebrand goals with your company goals is to consider your brand values and mission. When you understand your company culture, you can translate it into rebranding goals. For example, if your company values diversity, you might decide to develop a more welcoming visual identity.

         2. Understand your audience

Once you’ve set goals for your rebrand, contemplate how your audience will respond. A good rebrand is easy to understand and, more importantly, memorable. When planning your rebrand, ask yourself if your current visual identity is too complicated to remember. If so, it might undermine your goals for your rebrand.

Some audiences respond well to simplicity, while others favor complexity. Think about the demographics of your audience and what kind of brand image they’ll acknowledge. Identify visuals that your audience associates with your brand. Then, think about different ways to communicate those ideas through your rebrand.

         3 . Create a plan

Now that you’ve defined your goals and audience, you need to create a plan for your rebrand. Your plan should include a basic timeline and budget for your project. Have a comprehensive understanding of the changes you’re making, what you’ll communicate to your audience, and when you plan to implement the changes.

Your plan doesn’t have to be too detailed. You should, however, define milestones for your rebrand as they will act as checkpoints throughout your project.

Congratulations on taking the bold step to learn a few tips to make your rebranding effortless. You may want to check out what’s new on Beach Babe Stock this August.

New content on BBS to help with rebranding

We know how time-consuming running a business and rebranding can be, leaving you too exhausted to keep up with your social media posting schedule. This is where we come in, we create beautiful lifestyle stock photos, done-for-you graphics, and Canva templates so you can save time and resources.

You’re probably wondering what these photos, graphics, and templates look like. Here is a Free 30-day collection of visual content to give you a glimpse of what our mini membership is all about 🙂

Here’s what’s new Inside our mini membership this August.


We have 20 new done-for-you graphics to choose what relates most to your audience! Themes include motivational/ inspirational quotes, notification-like graphics and so much more.

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Our canva templates are easy to use and customizable to suit your branding/ rebranding needs. Change the colors and fonts and you are good to go! This month’s templates include; Posts, Instagram stories, banners/covers, carousels, and Pinterest templates.

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As always, we have 3 exciting lifestyle stock photo bundles with a variety of themes such as female entrepreneur working, co-working, and beachy vibes!  Colours include; pink, blue, white, and brown.

Because you’ve been so patient to read to the end, here are 20 free lifestyle stock photos to use for your brand 🙂

Our August lifestyle stock photo bundles are as below.

This bundle contains 23 lifestyle stock photos with colours ranging from white, brown, black, and pink. This is the perfect bundle for female entrepreneurs, content creators with feminine brands, social media managers, and bloggers who love pink.

This bundle contains 21 lifestyle stock photos. Colours include; blue, brown, grey, and white. It’s perfect for brick-and-mortar businesses, bloggers, and social media managers.

This bundle contains 20 lifestyle stock photos, in 3 colours- blue, red, and white. It’s perfect for brick-and-mortar businesses, bloggers, female entrepreneurs, social media managers and online businesses that love tropical climates.

Lifestyle stock photos for bloggers, social media managers, content creators and online female entrepreneurs. Useful as social media posts, branding/rebranding visuals, website and blog visuals.


Thank you so much for reading, please leave us a comment/ message if you have any questions at all.



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