How to Use Your Free Stock Photos Effectively

Tips on how to make your free stock photos unique

Written by Gloria Ngila

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July 8, 2022

How to Use Your Free Stock Photos Effectively

Stock photos can be used in various ways to boost your productivity. Blogs, social media, newsletters, and websites are some of the most popular places where you can use these free stock photos. This blog will help you know how to use your free stock photos.

It’s not a surprise that different brands have used most free stock photos thousands of times. As a result, using the same images without customizing them first, may lead to your brand not standing out in the crowd.

Sound like a good enough reason to want a unique brand? Read on to discover quick and easy tips on how to customize your free stock photos.

How to Make your Stock Photos Unique

The first step to personalizing your images is finding a tool to help you make the changes. You can use plenty of free tools such as Canva, Photoshop, and many others. Once you have your editing tool of choice, let’s get editing!

1. Change the Background Colour to Match your Branding.

When using stock photos, you need to accept that you may not always find a picture that matches your brand perfectly. Luckily, there is a quick solution! Once you find a photo you like, head to Canva or another photo editing tool and edit the image to suit your branding. For instance, the original image here had a grey background, but we edited it to match our pink branding.

Image before background change

original image

Image after background change

Image after the background is changed


2. Add Gradient

Adding a gradient allows you to easily add quotes or text to your image, instantly giving your free stock photo a completely different look and feel.

Image of hands raising glasses -without gradient

Original Image

Image of hands raising glasses -after adding gradient

Image after adding a gradient

3. Add Text to Your Stock Photo

Photos that capture serene scenes such as nature and beaches tend to be very popular. For this reason, adding text to the image may be a great idea to give it character and match your brand tone.

Image of sunset without text

Image without text

Image of sunset after adding text

Image after adding text

4. Crop the Image to Create New Images

Cropping a photo is simple yet a great way to quickly switch things up and create a whole different image, sometimes more than one image. Please take a look at how we transformed this one image to create 3 different images.

Original image before cropping

Original image before cropping

result after cropping free stock photo into 3 new images

3 new images cropped from the original image


Before you go

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