How to engage with your audience on Instagram for beginners.

Tips to help business owners using Instagram learn how to engage with their audience

Written by Gloria Ngila

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June 13, 2022

How to engage with your audience on Instagram for beginners.

Instagram has quickly transformed from a photo-only sharing app to an effective social media platform with direct response tools. If you ask any business using Instagram for business they’ll tell you it’s an extremely powerful tool for tracking engagement and that Instagram is one of the best choices out there for building brand awareness, analyzing feedback, and even driving sales. To unlock the potential of your Instagram account, you need to do some fine-tuning. Keep reading to learn how to engage with your audience on Instagram for business growth.

What is Instagram engagement, and why do you need it?

Instagram engagement is all about the different ways your audience interacts with your content. It can be anything from someone liking, commenting, sharing, or saving your content. By consistently engaging with your content, you know your audience feels a strong enough connection to purchase from you.

How to engage with your audience on Instagram

If you are new to Instagram, you may be struggling to keep your audience engaged and wanting more. But the good news is that some of the most effective ways to keep your audience engaged are the simplest! For instance; Posting visual content, storytelling, a yes or no poll, or simply asking a question. Don’t fret if you don’t know how to create any of these, done-for-you templates will come in handy.

Canva templates to help you learn how to engage with your audience on Instagram

Posting visual content

Let me explain. Posting visual content is one of the easiest ways for your audience to engage with you. People are most likely to respond to a post with an image and a fun engaging caption.

Naturally, people tend to be attracted to visually appealing posts. When your post starts to attract more likes and shares, the algorithm responds by making it visible to more people, which equals more engagement.

Our image library has a variety of images perfect for online business owners and social media managers like you. The stock bundle below contains images about coffee and books, perfect for social media or blogs.

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It always works. Tell a behind-the-scenes story in your Instagram stories to show what’s happening in your business. Another great idea to tell a story in a post is to use carousels. You can add up to ten images, and all your audience will need to do is swipe to see the next image.

Instagram Polls

Use Instagram Poll stickers to ask your audience questions with an option to vote. Polls are a perfect way to increase audience engagement. The more attention you get, the better your chances of getting more viewers to check out your Instagram story!

Ask a question

The Instagram quiz sticker is a great way to interact with your viewers. How it works is that you ask a question and viewers can respond, and you’ll see their answers. 

Take advantage of feed post captions and ask relevant questions along with your posts. Your audience will respond in the comment section and all you have to do is keep the conversation going!

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