New Visual Content on Beach Babe Stock- October 2022

New visual content on beach babe stock in October

Written by Gloria Ngila

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October 10, 2022

New Visual Content on Beach Babe Stock- October 2022

If you are an online business owner, I’m sure you know how essential having an online presence is. However, it’s not always easy to consistently post visual content on social media, considering how time-consuming content creation is. 

Sure, you can hire someone to do it for you, but you’d still need to create most of the visual content for your social media manager to use. But if you’re busy running a business, you probably won’t have the time to create enough content to cover a month.

How to Solve your Visual Content needs for Good

At this point, I’m sure you’re wondering what you have to do to solve this for good. The solution is quite simple. 

  • Find a stock photographer that creates unique images and visual content (graphics and templates) for online business owners. 
  • If you are impressed by their image library and collections, see if they have a content membership and choose a plan that works for your business. 
  • Get access to new monthly content you can customize to suit your brand’s unique needs.

Why you Should Subscribe to Visual Content Membership

You may not know it yet, but investing in a content membership as an online business owner can save you a lot of time you’d otherwise spend creating content.

Since we’ve already established that every online business needs a social media presence to stay relevant. Now, let’s see why content membership is beneficial.

  1. You get access to unique visual content refreshed monthly.

Unlike most free stock photo sites, whose images have been used thousands of times by other businesses, you get access to uncommon photos that can help your brand stand out.

      2. Most memberships include more than just photos.

Most creators include done-for-you graphics, templates, and so much more, thus allowing you to solve your content needs in minutes.

      3. You get value for money.

Stock photos are usually high quality and can make your brand stand out when customized and used for marketing or on your website. 

Now that you know the importance of having content membership, let’s peek at what’s inside our mini-membership in October.

Inside our Visual Content Mini Membership


Every month, we ask our mini members to vote for 3 photo bundle collections they’d like to access the next month. We, in turn, upload to the mini members’ library three of the most voted bundles.

These are our lifestyle stock photo bundles for October

Lifestyle stock photos to help you save time creating visual content for your social media

Cafe-catch up

This lifestyle stock photo bundle is perfect for online business owners, online service providers, bloggers, and content creators.

It contains 25 stock photo images by Beach Babe Stock in green, blue, brown, and grey.

Spring Summer Garden

This bundle contains 18 stock photo images with a spring-summer garden vibe. This collection includes images of beautiful perennials and flowers blooming in spring.

Colours include; green, pink, purple, and yellow.

Coffee Lovers Bundle

It’s a collection of beautiful shots of coffee and people enjoying it. The bundle contains 15 stock photo images by Beach Babe Stock. 

Colours include: black, brown, pink, and white.

They are perfect for female entrepreneurs, online business owners, content creators, and bloggers. 


 Done-for-you graphics can spice up things on your feed and increase engagement. Here’s what we have this month

Done-for-you graphics to help step up your visual content game


Whether you are a course creator, online service provider, or blogger, you are likely to need templates at some point, if your goal is to save time. They make content creation so much easier as all you have to do is change colour, font, and words to match your brand vibe and messaging.

We have templates for creating website/blog covers, reels/stories, banners/covers, and different types of posts eg Gifs, notification posts, inspirational posts, games, and carousels to increase engagement.

Templates to help content creators and bloggers save time used creating



Not ready to become a member just yet? Here are some other resources you might like:

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